Number plate fixings

How to fit your UK custom license plates? No worries it’s very easy. There are two methods of how to do it so let us guide you through it. First method to fit the number plate replacement to your car is to make use of our extra strong sticky pads.

Adhesive Pads

Remove your old plates. Clean the area where the plate is to be stuck using a mild detergent or white spirit, then stick 3 pads on to the back of the plate, spacing them equally.

Peel off the backing tape and stick firmly into place, making sure it is straight-centred.

You can order number plate adhesive pads here.

Screw Kit

Using your old plates as a template, mark the holes on the back then drill (5mm drill bit) the holes from the back through to the front. Position the plate over the holes on the bumper, screw them on and close the clip to finish.

You can order our number plate screw kit here

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